You Can't Find Soffit That Matches Your Siding: What to Do

So you've ordered your siding and now it's time to install your soffit. Or maybe your existing soffit needs to be replaced. Aluminum soffit, for example, is easily damaged. But you find out that your siding manufacturer doesn't make soffit to match your siding or has discontinued your siding color. Don't despair because there are ways around this. Be creative in working with your siding manufacturer or contractor to come up with options.

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You can try to find soffit in as close to a matching color as possible. If it's one shade off, it may not be so noticeable, as your roof's overhang usually shades the soffit.

You can paint the soffit, if it's wood or aluminun. Vinyl soffit can't be painted but can be replaced. Painting, however, should be your last resort.

If you're painting wood, use an exterior paint containing mold-resistant chemicals. If you're painting aluminum, use a paint for metal. Applying the paint with a small roller makes the work go quicker. After, use a brush to cut corners and paint the fascia. Every paint job has special circumstances that affect the total cost, like balconies and porch ceilings, so have a contractor go to your house when providing an estimate.

Soffit Installation Costs

An average soffit installation costs about $275 per linear foot for basic materials and labor but could go as high as $600 per linear foot for more intricate jobs. It's best to use a siding, rather than a roofing, contractor to install your soffit because the soffit is made of the same material as your siding. Of course, if you're a skilled handyman, you can purchase soffit coils from any DIY store, hang it yourself, and save on installation costs.

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