Why You Should Consider Vinyl Cedar Siding

One of the many advantages of vinyl siding is the large variety of styles and colors available. No matter the architectural style or size of your home there is likely to be a vinyl siding option that will work for you.

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One choice that works well for homes with a rural feel is vinyl cedar siding. This type of vinyl siding replicates the look of hand hewn or rough sawed cedar shakes or shingles. Cedar siding can be found throughout the U.S. and is especially associated with both the New England seaboard and Pacific Northwest.

Vinyl Cedar Siding Advantages

Vinyl cedar siding offers the traditional look of wood shakes or shingles without the expense and maintenance requirements of real wood. The vinyl cedar shakes or shingles are molded from wood shakes or shingles to reproduce the original wood characteristics. The modern product is manufactured into boards instead of individual pieces for ease of installation. Vinyl cedar shakes or shingles will never need to be painted because the color is molded into the boards during production.

Vinyl cedar siding has many other advantages. It is more durable than wood siding, adds visual interest to the home, and will not be harmed by insects. Vinyl shake siding is also hypoallergenic, as allergy inducing mold or mildew will not grow on vinyl siding.

Exterior Portfolio by Crane Portsmouth Shake Siding

The Exterior Portfolio by Crane line of vinyl siding products includes vinyl cedar siding marketed under the name of Portsmouth Shake. This line of Crane siding includes a wide variety of vinyl cedar siding options in a range of colors, styles, and thickness. These include Hand-Split Shake, Hand-Split Variegated Shake, Cedar Shake, Half Rounds, 8' Long Length Cedar Shake, Perfection Shake, and Staggered Shake.

For more information on Exterior Portfolio by Crane vinyl shake siding, including complete descriptions and technical specs, check out the Crane siding website.

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