What Soffit Vent Styles are Best for Attic Ventilation?

Ventilating your attic is an essential step of any roofing project. Once you have an attic vent that's clear of insulation and other material, you'll need to install vents on the soffit around your house to pull cool air through the attic and out the attic vent. Soffit vents come in two basic shapes:

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  • Wide vents designed to fit between framing
  • Long strips designed to line up together

The width of the soffit is the primary determining factor in the shape of vent you use. If your soffit is less than 16 inches wide, go for the long strips. Otherwise, multiple wider vents will be ideal.

From there, choose the material you use for the vents themselves. Unpainted aluminum allows you to match the color of the vent to your home, or you can choose aluminum, plastic, and steel vents in basic white or brown.

Tips for Installing Soffit Vents

Take a look at these top tips for soffit vent installation.

  • Use the right materials: the job of cutting a vent will be easier with chalk snap-line, carpenter's square, cordless drill, and a reciprocating saw or jigsaw for multiple vents
  • Look for nails, seams, and other clues suggesting the presence of framing, and avoid cutting vents there
  • Plan to install an equal number of evenly spaced vents on each side of the house

Once you're using the right tools, techniques, and materials, installing individual soffit vents becomes simpler.


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