Vinyl Siding Styles: Go Rustic

Vinyl siding is often applauded for its affordability and longevity, but one of its too often unsung benefits is its versatility. From traditional Dutch lap vinyl siding to vinyl brick siding, there's a style of vinyl siding that's ideal for virtually any style of home, even the rustic look that's become such a popular alternative to run-of-the-mill lap-style home cladding.

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Rustic Styles of Vinyl Siding

If you'd like to achieve a more rustic style through your home cladding choice, vinyl won't disappoint. In most cases, vinyl siding costs less than and is more durable and fire-resistant than natural wood.

Cedar Vinyl Siding

As its name suggests, cedar vinyl siding is a PVC-based cladding that emulates natural cedar in every way. Note that you can typically choose between board-style cedar vinyl siding or cedar vinyl shakes and shingles. If you choose the latter, stagger them for visual appeal. Choose a natural cedar color for a more authentic look. Note that most premium vinyl siding products are UV protected to reduce color fade over time.

Vinyl Log Siding

Like cedar vinyl siding, vinyl log siding is manufactured to look like real wood logs. It typically comes in larger panels rather than individual boards. Once again, choose a color that resembles real wood to achieve a natural look.

Controlling Vinyl Siding Cost

Vinyl siding that is manufactured to look like real wood is often considered a premium product and is, therefore, more expensive than, say, traditional Dutch-lap vinyl siding. These products are still more affordable than real wood, however. Request quotes from more than one local vinyl siding contractor to ensure you're getting the best deal.

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