Vinyl siding shingles: Learn the essentials before purchasing.

Vinyl siding offers a world of choices. First, buy the thickest vinyl shingles you can afford. Next, remember that shingles are just one of many vinyl siding styles available to consumers nowadays. You may wish to mix shingles with other styles.

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Styles for vinyl siding shingles

Decorative styles are often used as accent areas of your home's exterior. Expand your thinking beyond plain old rectangular shingles.

  1. Square (straight, even bottom edge)
  2. Staggered--hand-hewn look, bottom edges straight but of varying heights)
  3. Half-round
  4. Fish scale
  5. Diamond
  6. Hexagonal

The above styles are available in several colors.

Comparing features and warranties

Whatever shape catches your fancy, manufacturers must stand behind their products. There are a many companies out there, but not everyone offers the same warranty on similar products. A manufacturer with top quality siding may also make economical siding with lesser warranties. As with most things, you get what you pay for. Here are features to compare:

  1. Compare shingle thickness. .045" is a more rigid than a .040" shingle.
  2. Uniform weathering is preferable. Compare brands to find those with special coatings to preserve colors such as Newpro's "ColorHold" or KP Building Products' 25-year fade resistance warranty.
  3. If your region experiences extremes of heat or cold, look for warranties regarding expansion, contraction, and cracking.
  4. If you live in areas prone to high winds, find companies with wind-load and impact-resistance in their warranty.
  5. Live near the ocean? Check what warranties say about salt spray damage.
  6. Warranties may not mention termites or carpenter ants, as they don't invade vinyl siding itself.

You'll live with your choice far longer than the time needed for some good research. Find helpful information on the Vinyl Siding Institute's website.


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