Vinyl siding shingles: Great colors and styles

Homeowners have been using wood shingles as siding for hundreds of years. Scalloped or half round shingles accent the gables of Victorian-styled homes, and cedar shingles often have been used as weather protection for homes near the beach.

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Wood shingle siding looks great, but no matter what style, it needs regular maintenance to protect against moisture and insect damage. This can be both time consuming and expensive.

If maintenance concerns are keeping you from installing wood shingles, consider instead vinyl siding shingles.

Recommended manufacturers for vinyl siding shingles

Vinyl shingles come in numerous sizes, styles, and colors, and most vinyl-siding manufacturers have the various models. You can choose a rough shake with staggered edges for a rustic retreat, or go with more refined half-rounds for a garage gable accent. The shingles are usually configured in panels that can vary in length; installation is much the same as regular vinyl siding.

Here are three well-known manufacturers:

  1. CertainTeed: This siding pioneer offers vinyl siding shingles in straight, staggered, and half-round profiles and some of the styles are available in up to 30 colors. You can also choose from exposures ranging from a refined 5 inches to a rustic 10 inches.
  2. Mastic: The Cedar Discovery line of vinyl shingles offers up to 31 colors and exposures of 5 inches, 7 inches and 9 inches. The manufacturer also carries a half-round shingle with smoother grain patterns.
  3. Tapco Group: The Foundry line of vinyl shingles boasts of using 100 different cedar molds for realistic and varied grain patterns. Choose from shingle, shake, staggered, or weathered styles.

Vinyl siding shingles can be a great way to accent or cover your home while keeping maintenance requirements to a minimum.

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