Vinyl siding shingles: Amazing colors and options

Though inspired by traditional shingle-style homes of the Victorian era, vinyl siding shakes and shingles provide a completely modern version of this classic architectural feature. They've become increasingly popular finishes for homes across the country. When considering this building material for your home, you're likely to find many color and style options.

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Vinyl siding shingles: designs and hues

Vinyl siding shingles styles with staggered ends can give a home rustic charm. Styles with 7-inch, 9-inch and 10-inch profiles can enhance the long-wood grain design of the shingles, emphasizing marks made to mimic the randomized pattern left by a traditional saw mill. These shingles are available in a wide variety of shapes; hexagon, octagon, fish scale, half cove and round patterns all can contribute to a home's visual interest and offer near-endless combinations for siding and trim. Weathered styles create the look of gently worn cedar shingles and can give your home woodsy appeal.

With their inspiration stemming from turn-of-the century Victorian architecture, vinyl shingles come in various classic colors and finishes. Colors with names like Oceanside, Juniper, Cocoa and Russet invoke richness in one's mind and can give your home a timeless appearance. More contemporary colors also are available from some manufacturers, and color names like Lemonade, Keylime and Papaya imply warmth that might turn your home into a modern masterpiece. Though it's not necessary, it's possible to paint vinyl siding.

Though much less expensive than traditional cedar shingles, vinyl siding shingles are one of the more costly forms of vinyl siding. A single panel of shake siding can cost more than $300 before installation. Many homeowners choose to only trim or accent their homes with vinyl shingles for a classic look without the full expense.

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