Choosing the right vinyl siding for a New Jersey home

Whether you own a Cape Cod or Colonial era home in Bloomfield; whether you slumber in a stately Victorian in Newark's upscale Forest Hills neighborhood, or snore in a row house in Trenton or Camden; whether a coastal Victorian gem in south Jersey's Cape May is where you and the family get away, vinyl siding can be an excellent choice when it's time to remodel your New Jersey home.

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Fortunately, the process of updating your home's exterior is simpler than you might think. Think of it as two steps, then break those down into smaller ones.

First, select your contractor:

  1. Contact the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs to check the status of vinyl siding contractors' licenses; if you're financing your vinyl siding project, the State of New Jersey Banking and Insurance site has information on contractors authorized to execute financed home improvement projects.
  2. Check the Vinyl Siding Institute list of certified installers.
  3. Review the Better Business Bureau website for your New Jersey city for consumer ratings (A+ to F) and how long a contractor or company has been in business. New Jersey vinyl siding contractors rated A+ by the BBB include the following:
    • Woodbridge Builders Corporation (1995)in Bloomfield
    • John Clemens & Sons Roofing and Siding Plus (1989) in Bloomfield
    • Tom Morgan Roofing & Siding (1984) in Trenton
    • Ace Aluminum Products Co., Inc. (1972) in Trenton
    • Quality Plus Contracting, Pat Leahy Construction Company, Inc.
    • Thunderbolt General Contractors in the Cape May area

Keep in mind that some manufacturers require that you use a recommended contractor to validate any product or installation warranties and guarantees.

Second, select your vinyl siding:

  1. Work with your siding contractor to select the vinyl siding best suited to New Jersey's coastal and northern climate zones. With average temperatures ranging from 25 degrees in January to the mid-80s or higher during July and August, vinyl siding for New Jersey homes needs to be versatile. Heavy-gauge siding--at least .44 or .46 mil vinyl--is less likely to crack at low temperatures; insulated vinyl can also help with energy savings in New Jersey's br-br-brisk winters and hot summers.
  2. If you own an historic home in New Jersey, you want to look at period-specific vinyl siding, such as CertainTeed's Wolverine Restoration Smooth collection or Wolverine American Legends. These siding series include designs in the tradition of 17th century American craftsmanship and other classic styles.

When you choose vinyl siding in New Jersey, be sure to thoroughly research siding and installation contractor options to feel confident that you're making an informed decision.

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