Vinyl Siding Installation: How Does the Siding Style Affect the Cost?

Once you start researching the costs of vinyl siding, you quickly realize that prices vary greatly between the different styles on offer. While standard vinyl lap siding may cost you as little as $1-$2 per square foot, you could have to pay $5 or $6 per square foot for premium quality vinyl shingles. Not only do these material costs vary by style, but vinyl siding installation costs may differ as well.

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Vinyl Siding Installation Costs Vary: Here's Why

  • Size of siding panel. Vinyl siding is sold in panels, and the length of these for standard horizontal clapboard is usually about 12 feet. However, some siding manufacturers, such as CertainTeed, offer styles in 16-foot and 20-foot lengths. These longer lengths help to reduce the number of lap joints that are needed, which in turn can help reduce the installation time for your siding contractor.
  • Insulated siding panels don't need additional insulation boards. That's because they are manufactured with an integral solid-foam backing. This means that your contractor does not have to spend time sheathing your house's exterior walls with solid board insulation prior to installing the panels.
  • Trim and accessories. Certain styles of vinyl siding require special trim pieces, which can increase the overall installation time and the total cost of your project. While a single length of standard J-channel is adequate as a corner post trim for most horizontal siding styles, vinyl shakes and shingles often look better when mitered corner post trim pieces are used. And that, of course, requires additional installation time from your contractor.

When you are obtaining a vinyl siding installation bid from a contractor, be sure to specify the brand and style you have chosen. This way, both you and your contractor can avoid costly surprises once the job gets going.

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