Bring it on! Vinyl siding in Chicago, Illinois

Dog days of summer: Record temperatures in Chicago have reached 109° F. Chicago winters: Snow accumulations and temperatures that average 29° F during the day and fall to 14° F at night. Contrary to popular belief, Chicago doesn't rank in the top ten windy cities in the U.S., but breezes off Lake Michigan can be brisk, particularly during the winter. So, the right vinyl siding must be able to take the heat…and the cold…and the wind.

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Whether you own a traditional single-family home in the suburbs, a North Chicago colonial gem or Chicago bungalow, an Oak Park or River Forest Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired classic in the Shingle or Prairie style, or even an early Queen Anne Victorian in Kenilworth, here are some things to consider when choosing vinyl siding in Chicago, Illinois:

  1. The elements: Battle them in this Northern climate zone by choosing a thicker vinyl siding (.044 or .046 inches) with attached insulation to provide cozy winters and cool summers. Thicker siding is also less likely to be damaged by Chicago temperature changes.
  2. The breeze: Top vinyl siding brands can withstand winds up to 220 mph and higher. Chicago homes don't need gale force protection, so look to local siding dealers to explain wind-resistance requirements.
  3. The style: With shingles, shakes, beaded boards, clapboard, Dutch lap, and classics such as Wolverine American Legends and Restoration Smooth, vinyl siding is an excellent home improvement and investment option for Chicago homeowners, regardless of your neighborhood or the architectural style of your home.

Look for Chicago siding contractors with good credentials

Proper installation is crucial to the success of any product, especially vinyl siding. So use the following resources to find reputable Chicago siding contractors:

  1. Use the widget on this site to locate a licensed contractor in the Chicago area.
  2. According to the Contractor's License Reference Site, most Illinois construction contractors do not need to be licensed; roofing contractors are the exception. Contact the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation for roofing contractor license information.
  3. The Chicago Better Business Bureau is an excellent resource for local siding contractor consumer reviews. Three Chicago-area installation companies with BBB A+ ratings and longevity include Archway Construction Company, Inc., Remodeling Consultants, and Star Roofing and Siding Inc.
  4. The Vinyl Siding Institute, a trade organization for vinyl siding manufacturers and suppliers, also allows you to search for certified Illinois installers and installation companies in Chicago zip code areas.

Confidence that you've made the right choices in vinyl siding for your Chicago home and the right siding contractor for installation comes from knowing that you've used every resource available to make your decision.

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