Vinyl shake siding: you will love the options

If you're thinking about shake siding, think about going with vinyl shake siding. Vinyl siding offers an incredible number of options and beautiful colors without all of the maintenance of wood shake siding. Vinyl siding comes in both shakes and shingles--with the shingles generally having a smoother, more uniform look.

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From CertainTeed, a leading manufacturer of vinyl siding, come the following classic vinyl shake siding/shingle siding options:

Vinyl Shake Siding Options

  • Straight edge rough-split cedar finish. Available in 7" and 9", these shakes are equally at home on a Victorian, contemporary or traditional home.
  • Staggered rough-split cedar grain finish. Available in double 7" and 9", these shakes create a more custom crafted look.
  • Random hand-split cedar finish. Available in 10", the random pattern creates the look of hand-split cedar.

Vinyl Shingle Siding Options

  • Straight edge, cedar grain. Available in triple 5" and double 7" shingles.
  • Staggered, cedar grain. Available in double 7" shingles.
  • Half round, cedar grain. Available in double 6 1/4", these shingles add a unique touch as an accent.

Vinyl shake and shingle siding is available in a veritable rainbow of colors:

  • Naturals: Twenty-six colors including cedar, rustic and driftwood as well as various shades of brown, blue, green, gray, tan, cream, white and red.
  • Watercolors. Pastel colors including blue, green, coral, yellow and beige.

Because the color is blended into the siding as it is manufactured, there is no fading and you never have to paint.

And still more vinyl siding options

In addition to shakes and shingles, a full complement of trim and accent pieces and restoration millwork is available. Soffits, gables, corners, casings, window and door surrounds, trimboards, cornice and crown molding, corner rosettes blocks and column enclosures are available to complete the look of your home regardless of the style.

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