Vinyl shake siding: What are your options?

When selecting a style of vinyl shake siding for your house, you have numerous options, even within the product lines of the same manufacturer.

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You can choose a straight-edged panel or one that has a staggered edge. A straight-edged panel replicates the appearance of real wood shakes that have been installed in neat horizontal rows, which creates a crisp shadow line that is similar to traditional lap siding. For a more rustic aesthetic, you can choose a staggered edge panel, which replicates the appearance of shakes that have been installed unevenly, such as those found on seaside cottages or mountain cabins.

Vinyl shake siding options from CertainTeed

  1. Northwoods Single 7" Straight Edge Rough Split Shakes offer the look of milled cedar shakes with a traditional profile and reveal. These single-coursed siding panels are a good choice for accent siding or entire house projects.
  2. Northwoods Single 10" Random Hand Split Shakes are a good choice for beach and mountain homes, as well as those homes with rustic characteristics. The siding's rough texture and the randomly-spaced tapered groves between the shakes are reminiscent of hand split cedar shakes. The siding panels are available in seven color options.
  3. Cedar Impressions Double 7" Straight Edge Rough Split Shakes have a rough panel surface, but the straight edge profile offers a more refined appearance than the staggered edge panels. You could use this panel for a Victorian, a contemporary, or even an Arts and Craft styled home. Each siding panel has a double course of shakes with a 7" reveal, and CertainTeed offers mitered corner trim to match.

In addition to the different styles of vinyl shake siding that are available, CertainTeed also offers shingles, vertical panels and traditional horizontal lap vinyl siding. Their siding products have a good reputation and come with limited warranties and detailed installation instructions.

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