Vinyl shake siding mimics look of cedar shakes

Shake siding is made from individually cut pieces of cedar that are overlapped in various patterns to give a home a distinctive and rustic visual appeal. However, since it takes thousands of individual shakes to clad the exterior of a home, shake siding can be extremely labor-intensive--and costly--to install. Vinyl shake siding replicates the look of real wood shakes, but is sold in easy-to-install panels that significantly reduce labor costs.

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Vinyl shake siding also comes in a multitude of patterns, including straight edges, rough-split, half-round, staggered-edge, and other standard styles to fit the desired look of a home. Siding manufacturers such as CertainTeed and Mastic Home Exteriors produce high-quality vinyl siding panels that typically come with limited lifetime warranties. In many cases, the panels are rated for winds in excess of 200 miles per hour.

Estimating vinyl shake siding costs

It can be difficult to get a ballpark figure for a siding renovation project because vinyl siding panels range in cost and quality depending on their thickness. A rough estimate is $4.50 or $5 per square foot for top-grade vinyl siding; however, shake panels can also vary in cost depending on the complexity of the panels--half-round shake patterns are more difficult to manufacture than straight-edge panels.

Siding panels are typically sold by the square, which covers 100 square feet, and can be found for about $300 to $320 per box. At those prices, it would cost about $4,800 to $5,120 to buy the siding to clad a 1,600-square-foot home. These prices are just rough figures, however. Call a siding contractor or supplier for a spot-on quote.

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