Log Siding Alternatives: Vinyl Log Siding and Beyond

One of the more exciting styles for fans of rustic homes is log siding or vinyl log siding. For wood, half logs that are mounted to your home's exterior. It can be very expensive, running $90-$100 per square foot. Factor in the amount of maintenance to keep termites and moisture out while keeping the stain in, and you have a high priced, high maintenance home.

The Vinyl Log Siding Alternative

Vinyl log siding prices can range between $3 to $15 per square foot. This may be a lot more expensive than clapboard, but it is a fraction of the cost of real log siding. Vinyl will keep the termites away, never needs to be painted or varnished and does a great job keeping moisture out of your house. It has a wood-grain look to mimic real logs. Get up close and there's no comparison, you can tell it is vinyl, but the maintenance and the cost wins out.

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You may have other options. Following are two materials you might consider.

Clapboard Alternative

Clapboard is a classic siding material for many homes. Wood clapboard is very inexpensive, running $0.67-$3.46 per square foot. It is also called lapboard, weather board or bevel. The planks are narrow on one edge and are traditionally made from wood and nailed into the house layered on top of each other. The layered planks keep rain and snow off the house. Clapboard is also made from vinyl, fiber cement, and metal.

However, if you want to get that unique appeal, there is no real substitute for real log or vinyl log siding.

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