Log Cabin Siding: Options and Pricing

Log cabin siding is a rustic siding choice with charm and durability. While popular for cabins and lake or beach homes, traditional homes have also experienced an increase in log cabin siding popularity in recent years.

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One of the advantages of log cabin siding is the variety of looks and styles that can be achieved with it. Width and cuts of logs, as well as the different woods and styles that are available, can dramatically change the way log cabin siding looks.

Pricing for log cabin siding

Cedar and pine are the most common hard wood materials used for log cabin siding, selected for their exceptional weathering capability and aesthetic appeal. Cedar is overall a more rare, and subsequently expensive choice, where pine is typically easier to find and tends to be more affordable. Prices of cedar and pine, as well as any other hard wood will vary based on the timber industry and seasonal availability.

Traditional tongue and groove log cabin siding generally runs $1.10 for a pine, 2x6 quarter inch cut log. Log cabin siding also is available in either half-log or quarter-log options, which have distinct looks and different pricing. "Tongue and groove" refers to how the logs are cut to fit for the siding process. While there are alternatives to tongue and groove, it is the most common style of log cabin siding. Pricing estimates for cedar log cabin siding typically increase in price from pine anywhere from $0.60 to $1. Chink strip style log cabin siding is traditionally a less costly option for log cabin siding, whether pine or cedar.

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