Vinyl log siding: Timbermill provides low-maintenance, character

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You don't have to live in Montana to experience the cozy look of a log cabin.

Thanks to today's technology, you can achieve a rustic wood look with an attractive, low maintenance product. Vinyl log siding offers the best of both worlds--the look of real cedar, pine or other wood logs and the energy-efficiency and low maintenance of vinyl siding.

Timbermill siding

This type of siding is sold in a range of colors, mostly in the tan and brown tones. Most have texture along the surface to emulate a true wood grain. Timbermill, for example, sells log cabin style siding with 12'1" length boards with curved edges and a textured wood-like finish. The width is 6.5 inches.

Timbermill siding also features:

  1. An insulated foam backing that molds to the panels, reducing noise transmission and air leaks
  2. American Cedar or Forest Brown colors made with a special film finish to protect against color fading
  3. A high performance substrate to help withstand extreme weather conditions
  4. A limited lifetime warranty

Why vinyl log siding?

As with all vinyl siding, you don't need to worry about staining, painting or issues with insect damage or rotting. You'll also gain several energy saving features, as vinyl log style is made with extra insulation that can reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.

Overall, vinyl log siding costs between $3 and $7 per square foot, with this type of specialized siding falling in the middle to upper end of the range. Costs vary based on the detail and size, the pricing in your local market and whether you buy it directly from a distributor or through an installer. As you get estimates, make sure to include pricing for soffits, fascia boards and any aluminum you'll need to wrap around windows.

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