Vinyl log siding review: Timbermill

Log siding speaks a very clear message: woodsy, natural, traditional, historic. This cost effective, maintenance-free exterior looks great on cabins and houses and closely resembles authentic logs.

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Why choose Timbermill vinyl log siding?

Timbermill, from Fremont, Ohio, is a leading supplier of vinyl logs. Its Log Cabin line features 6.5 inch wide half-round logs. The finished effect is almost indistinguishable from a log cabin. The vinyl logs' color and textures simulate American cedar. Three additional cedar plank styles expand design possibilities such as using vertical planks above the logs.

Like most premium-grade siding, Timbermill's half-rounds are filled with insulated foam backing and provide excellent insulation and soundproofing. Its Temp-Rite high-performance substrate helps homes withstand extreme weather conditions. Contractors in colder climates recommend Timbermill's Log Cabin logs as especially appropriate because of the energy savings provided.

Timbermill vinyl logs offer the following advantages:

  1. Limited air leakage

  2. Minimized heat transfer

  3. Prevention of water penetration behind the panels

  4. Maintenance by hosing them down

Vinyl log siding comparative costs

Timbermill's beauty and energy savings come at a price--roughly twice as much as lap vinyl siding. But they are only a fraction of the cost of wood logs. Installation is another huge savings. Many homeowners do the installation. And of course the long-term savings compared to refinishing wood and fighting termites and rot make vinyl logs a great investment.

Installation and Maintenance

Timbermill vinyl log siding requires no staining, will not fade, and resists damage from impacts and insects. They have a limited lifetime warranty. Timbermill supplies matching J channels to support the first course of the siding, plus insulated inside and outside corner pieces, door and window casings. Want to install the logs yourself? Download the installation manuals on Timbermill's web site.

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