Vinyl log siding: manufacturers who understand rustic

Living in a log home without the constant upkeep may seem like an impossible dream, but using vinyl log siding can get you close. Vinyl siding is resistant to insect and moisture damage and only requires a garden hose for basic maintenance. Vinyl can also be much easier on your wallet and the environment than buying real log siding. However, with all its benefits, you still don't want log panels on your home that look artificial or out of place. Fortunately, there are manufacturers who go out of their way to make log siding look as realistic as possible.

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Vinyl log siding manufacturers to consider when realism counts

One of the best methods for creating realistic, rustic vinyl siding is to use actual logs as mold forms. This process allows each mold to transfer the unique surface characteristics of the tree to each piece of siding. Choosing a siding company with a large collection of molds made from different trees provides vinyl panels with individual profiles just like a real log home. The following siding manufacturers have earned a reputation for producing realistic log panels:

  • KP Building Products--This company is known for their its quality siding products, and Adirondack log siding is no exception. KP offers four realistic colors in a heavy duty .046 inch gauge and a limited lifetime warranty on the materials they produce
  • Style Crest Inc.--Timbermill siding is a specialty vinyl product manufactured to look like real cedar. The rustic log siding is available in two colors that are so realistic you can even count the knots in each piece. Style Crest also offers matching door and window trim for your home

Just about all vinyl log siding can look artificial up close, but products from these manufacturers may make you have to look twice.


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