Vinyl log siding: Knot your typical log home

Log homes are rustic, charming, and reminiscent of a time when life was simpler. Log homes also require a lot of time and money for maintenance. Vinyl log siding lets you enjoy the best of both worlds: Your home can be the log-cabin castle you've dreamed of without the expense and hassles of wood logs.

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Homeowner responsibilities for wood versus vinyl log siding

When choosing wood log siding for your home, you're electing ongoing vigilance and work to keep the logs sealed against termites and moisture infiltration. You must patch any holes, repair broken chinking, and mitigate any rotted areas. Vinyl logs provides a similar look without any of those headaches.

Vinyl log benefits

  • Affordable--a fraction of the cost of wood logs and specialized construction equipment and techniques
  • Durable--often with a lifetime warranty
  • Easy to install--suitable for homeowner installation
  • Insulation--curved surfaces are filled with insulation.
  • Requires minimal maintenance--hosing it down annually removes surface dirt

Vinyl logs come in several realistic wood colors and styles. They features natural wood pattern with organic-looking knots, grains, and swirls. You'll never worry about staining or weatherproofing your siding. Unlike traditional log homes, vinyl won't fade or splinter and is suitable for use in all climates.

How much you should expect to spend

The cost for vinyl log siding depends on many factors. Costs vary by dealer, region, season, and more, so be sure to comparison shop. Costs are calculated by the exterior square footage of your home plus the materials and insulation used. A rough estimate provided by Timbermill, an Ohio-based company specializing in cedar-look vinyl siding, indicated roughly $3 to $7 per exterior square foot for their products.

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