Vinyl log siding: high performance, low cost

Why choose vinyl logs? Because you long for the warm look of authentic, hand-crafted wood logs on your home, and need the easy care and durability of vinyl siding. You owe it to yourself to see first-hand the authentic look of vinyl logs for your cabin home, vacation home, or country barn. Vinyl log siding features curved surfaces simulating the look of logs, because they are cast from detailed molds of real logs. Concerned about the cost of vinyl log cabin siding? While initial costs vary by brand, vinyl log siding costs a fraction of the cost of natural logs and their installation. Savings contine for vinyl logs when you factor in durability and maintenance.

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Vinyl logs are hot

  1. Warm natural wood texture

  2. Authentically detailed shapes

  3. An assortment of colors

  4. Obtain the exact look you want including trim, posts and corner caps.

Vinyl logs are cool

  1. Log style vinyl siding shields your home from noise.

  2. Insulated back reduces heat loss in winter and keeps your home cool in the summer.

  3. No more yearly scraping, peeling and painting.

Pricing comparison to natural wood

Log vinyl siding prices vary by brand and style. Shipping costs will be far less than wood logs, too. Log vinyl siding costs range from $.45 to $1.90 per square foot uninstalled, while log cabin lumber prices begin at $30 per linear foot uninstalled.

When you consider vinyl logs' hand-crafted warmth, authentic wood grain details, easy care, energy efficiency and durability, vinyl log costs beats natural logs hands down.

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