Vinyl log siding: get the realistic log cabin look at a fraction of the price

You like the look of the traditional log cabin, but don't have the budget to build one out of perfectly straight felled trees? Worry no more. You now can get the log-cabin look for a price you can afford. Vinyl log siding is a great alternative to trees, and it comes at a fraction of the cost.

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What you need to know about vinyl log siding

  • Energy-efficiency: Vinyl log siding is backed with thick polystyrene, which provides additional insulation while creating the log shape.
  • Strength: Because of the polystyrene backing, log siding is thicker than standard vinyl siding, adding durability and strength.
  • Resilience: Vinyl is built to last and resists fading from sun and weather. Furthermore, because the color permeates the siding, it won't chip or flake like paint.
  • Easy to Install: Most vinyl-siding contractors should be able to install this siding--or, if you want to do the job yourself, at least offer advice on installation.
  • Affordability: Vinyl siding is significantly cheaper than wood and is a wonderful alternative for people who want affordable siding that will last. Though prices vary, vinyl log siding will cost between $1.10 per-square-foot to $3.70 per square foot, depending on the size (half-log or quarter-log).

So, there you have it: Your very own log cabin is within your reach. Be sure to shop for the best deal, and unless you are installing it yourself, make sure you hire a licensed siding contractor. You'll be living like the king of the wild frontier in no time--or at least look like it.


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