Vinyl log siding: Get that log look without the drawbacks

Vinyl siding is the siding of choice these days because of its appealing attributes:

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  1. Maintenance only requires occasional washing.
  2. It's pest free--no termites or carpenter ants.
  3. Durable vinyl siding lasts longer than wood products because it doesn't rot, and the integral color doesn't flake, chip, or deteriorate like paint and stain do.
  4. Easy installation. Many skilled homeowners install it themselves.
  5. Style choices: Almost any wood-look style you prefer, as well as brick and stucco. We'll consider a very special style--vinyl log siding.

What makes vinyl log siding special?

Unlike real logs, which can be expensive to purchase and to install, vinyl siding is affordable. Installation is simple, so DIY enthusiasts can rest easy. The very realistic look of vinyl logs comes from the fact that the log casting forms are impressions of actual logs. Only the closest inspection may reveal otherwise…or not! What's more, vinyl log siding has advantages over all other vinyl siding: the rigid foam that helps vinyl logs keep their shape also gives vinyl siding powerful insulating abilities. Your utility savings will eventually pay for the initial cost difference.

Is vinyl siding expensive?

Compared to real logs for materials and construction costs, vinyl log siding is a true bargain. Compared to other rustic-looking vinyl siding, here are ballpark cost estimates for a one-story ranch-style home about 36 x 48' (approximately 1800 square feet):

  • Rustic 4" horizontal cedar or redwood-looking vinyl siding--roughly $1200 to $1500
  • Vinyl shingles--somewhere around $6,000
  • Vinyl log siding--budget $6,500 to $7,500 or more

Initial cost savings, freedom from refinishing and, and the beauty of vinyl siding make it an excellent choice over real logs. Check out KP Building Products, Timbermill, and others for colors and styles.





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