Vinyl brick siding vs. real brick siding

When it comes to creating a classic look for your home's exterior, you can't go wrong with brick. This traditional material has been an integral part of American home design for centuries, and brick is fire-resistant, insulating and strong. Why would you ever want to use another material? Turns out, there are plenty of reasons why you might choose vinyl brick siding over the real thing.

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Vinyl brick siding benefits

Vinyl has come a long way in twenty years. The material has evolved from its brittle, easily-warped previous models to become a strong material that is more resistant to the elements. You'll find a number of benefits to choosing the look of vinyl brick siding over traditional bricks:

  1. Budget friendly: Costs for brick siding made from vinyl depend on manufacturer and location, but will generally run you anywhere from $20 to $30 per 44"x18" panel.
  2. Easy installation: Vinyl bricks are easier to install than traditional bricks. It's important to hire a professional to properly install the panels, but the job can be done more quickly and less expensively than with brick.
  3. Simple maintenance: When vinyl brick is properly installed, your home should have a watertight seal against the elements. This helps avoid mildew and rot, and also makes cleaning vinyl a snap with a hose or pressure washer.

Consider the benefits of using vinyl brick in your home project. The bricks come in a range of colors and styles, giving you plenty to choose from.

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