Vinyl brick siding manufacturers: How do their products compare?

Many homeowners like the appearance of brick veneer, but the materials can be expensive to purchase and even more costly for a brick mason to install. Brick is also very heavy and may require foundation modifications for support. However, with vinyl brick siding, there is an inexpensive way to give your home the warm appearance of brick veneer, and their light weight means they don't need any special foundation support. Even better: If you have some basic DIY skills, you may be able to save more by doing the project yourself.

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Vinyl brick siding: What's available?

Vinyl brick siding is available in panels that vary in size, depending on style and manufacturer. These panels are attached over your home's sheathing using nails or screws. You can also use the siding to dress up your exposed concrete foundation. Selections can differ between some of the better-known vinyl brick siding manufacturers:

  • Exteria Building Products: This company's Nailite brick panels are about 44-inches by 18-inches and are packed ten panels to a carton. Cartons cost about $149 depending on your location and the style you choose. The brick siding is available in six realistic colors.
  • Faux Panels: Numerous style and color options are offered by this brick siding company and their products have a limited 15-year warranty. The panels are about four feet wide by two feet tall and usually run about $66 per panel, but can vary depending on style and color.
  • GenStone: This leader in the specialty siding field has three available brick colors and realistic recessed mortar joints. Each panel covers about seven square feet and the company offers a 25-year limited warranty on their products.

In addition to being a great option for the exterior of your home, vinyl brick siding can also be used inside your home to give any room a rustic appearance with a minimum of mess.

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