Vinyl Siding--What's Negotiable?

Vertical vinyl siding offers a distinctive look at a reasonable price. However, vertical vinyl siding is often a bit more complicated to install and you might pay a premium of 10% on installation. Therefore, while negotiating vertical vinyl siding installation on your home, consider offering one or more of these tactics that might be profitable for you and the contractor. Rest assured, these are not unheard of so you won't shock the contractor by suggesting them.

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Do-It-Yourself Demolition

You can save some money if you are willing and able to swing your own sledge hammer. If the existing siding needs to be removed and you can do it, you'll save the contractor time and save yourself some money. Just clearly communicate with the contractor so you don't remove more than needs to be removed. Also clarify who will haul away the debris and who will do any necessary work that might be uncovered by the demolition.

Ask about Vertical Vinyl Siding Seasonal Prices

If there is a time in the year when vinyl siding installations are very slow, then negotiate having your installation done during that time at a discounted rate. The local contractors might already be offering sales during this time--just take advantage of the sale!

Showcase Your House

No one strives to be the "before" house, but if it will save you some money, you might just reconsider it. Ask to be used in the contractor's marketing materials and the company might just be able to attach a discount for that. Even placing a sign with their logo out on your front lawn might be worth a slight discount.

All of these or none of these might work for you, but you'll never know until you try. Open up the conversation and see what comes of it. Vertical vinyl siding might generally cost a little more, but current market conditions may warrant a better price. When you call contractor references, ask if any discounts were offered. You might be surprised what you find out.

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