Vertical vinyl siding can offer historial and rustic charm

Vertical vinyl siding, often referred to as board and batten siding, provides a very unique look to your home. It is often used on historic buildings and those requiring a more rustic look. It might also be used to accentuate garages, barns and other buildings that surround a home. Board and batten design uses wider boards with narrow battens in between to hide the joints.

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Vertical siding is considerably less expensive than its other siding counterparts; some home improvement experts indicate that it is three to four times less expensive than brick siding, wood siding, fiber cement siding or stone siding. It also provides easy maintenance with soap, water, a soft brush and a garden hose. Many different colors are now available and because the color is blended into the siding during the manufacturing process, it doesn't fade.

Most vinyl siding manufacturers offer a similar line of products with some differences. CertainTeed and Heartland have the following vertical siding products.

Vertical vinyl siding product comparison

  • CertainTeed Vertical Vinyl Siding. This company offers a variety of board widths made of polypropylene resin polymer. One product has 12" boards with insulation that is .052" thick. They also offer 8" board siding in both standard 10" lengths and 12'6" lengths that is 0.48" thick. The longer board length can reduce labor and cost by reducing the number of seams required during installation. The siding is available in 12 colors and has a Class A fire rating. The company offers a lifetime limited warranty.

  • Heartland Vertical Vinyl Siding. This company offers a standard 7" board made of a polymer that "resists fading, cracking, and thermal expansion and contraction." It is available in eight different colors in latex soft matte and low gloss finish. The product has a Class A fire rating and is 0.46" thick. The company offers a limited lifetime warranty.

You can find information online that can help you decide the best options for your home and budget. To take your search further, visit your local home store or lumberyard or contact a siding contractor.

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