Three Reasons Vinyl Siding Trim Matters

If you are investigating vinyl siding for your home, you are probably considering quality, style, color, brand, and vinyl siding cost. But be sure not to let trim fall through the cracks. Trim is not just a cover for corners and seams; it is a decorative tool that can give a house character, and transform an otherwise ho-hum abode into a stylish and attractive residence.

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Here are three reasons to consider trim when you are deciding on vinyl siding for your home.

  1. Color. Trim is an important component of an overall color scheme. Trim can be used to complement the main color of your house and provide depth, subtlety, or pizazz. Better Homes and Gardens recommends choosing colors that are in harmony with your surroundings, such as taking color cues from landscaping.
  2. Architecture. Many styles of contemporary and historic homes have decorative trim as an integral part of their architecture. A Victorian-era house, for example, might appear more true to its era with rosette corner blocks above the doors and crown molding.
  3. Value. Decorative vinyl siding trim and accent pieces, such as half-round shingles, may add to your overall vinyl siding cost. However, they can also add greatly to the curb appeal of your home, enhancing its appeal to buyers when it comes time to move on.

Most vinyl siding manufacturers offer a range of trim styles and colors. Company brochures often provide a snapshot of the decorative effects you can achieve with trim. You can also keep your eyes open for homes that appeal to you visually; make a note of their trim pieces to identify any effects you would like to imitate on your own home.


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