Don't Forget the Accessories for Your Vinyl Siding Installation

A vinyl siding installation project is about a lot more than just the vinyl siding. There are a lot of vinyl siding accessories that help the siding go on your home, and help keep moisture out of your home.

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Accessories for a Vinyl Siding Installation Project

Vinyl siding accessories usually serve several purposes--they help make the vinyl siding installation a neat, clean job, they assist in securing the vinyl siding, and they help prevent air and moisture intrusion. Some accessories are simply cosmetic, helping break up large expanses of a single color.

Here are some of the basic vinyl siding accessories you may need for your project:

Door and Window Trim. There are many door and window trims available for vinyl siding. They can be used as an alternative for the factory installed door and window trim, and are usually made of a rot-resistant composite material.

Blocks and Vents. Everywhere you have an exterior light fixture, exterior vent, outside electrical outlet, and outside hose bib, there is a composite block available that makes for an attractive appearance, and helps prevent moisture intrusion.

Interior and Exterior Corners. These trim pieces may be the same color as your siding, or a contrasting color. They run vertically on inside and outside building corners. The edges of the siding tuck inside them.

J-Channel. Used more often than just about any other vinyl trim accessory, J-Channel is placed wherever siding ends, except at an inside or outside corner.

You may decide to use gable vents on your home, which can be functional or decorative. Vinyl siding shutters are another good way to dress up your windows, and don't forget the colored vinyl siding caulk. Caulk may well be the most important accessory for your vinyl siding installation.




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