Highlight Your DIY Siding Project by Installing Shutters

Shutters used to be a functional part of a home, and they still are if you live in an area prone to hurricanes and strong winds. However, now many homes display shutters as an aesthetic component, to break up large areas of siding and add some charm. Installing shutters may seem easy if you have any experience with DIY siding projects.

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Tips for Installing Shutters After Your DIY Siding Project

Most homeowners today use vinyl shutters on their homes. They are lightweight, easy to install, and if you can find a color to match your exterior color scheme, you may never need to paint them.

Prior to installation, the first step is to measure the heights of your windows. Many homes have the same window height everywhere except at the kitchen and bath. Vinyl shutters are available in several standard heights. Choose a height slightly shorter than your window.

Tools needed for shutter installation:

  • Drill with 1/4-inch bit
  • Two- or four-foot level
  • Hammer

Turn the shutter so the top is up--most shutters have a wider margin at the bottom. Set the shutter next to the window and use your level to plumb it on the side away from the window. Depending on the height of the shutter, use 4 or 6 anchors per shutter. Ensure proper placement prior to drilling; it's hard to undo holes!

If possible, drill your holes into the upper part of a siding panel, as it holds the shutter more securely. Tap the shutter anchors (these come with the shutters) into the holes and move to the next shutter. Installing shutters is easier on a non-windy day, especially if you are working on a ladder.

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