Timbermill log vinyl siding: An overview

Resource Materials Corporation (RMC) is an innovative and professional manufacturer and retailer of quality Timbermill log vinyl siding for the U.S. housing market. The company is based in Fremont, Ohio, and has been in business for more than 30 years. Timbermill woodgrain vinyl siding is filling a market niche for homeowners who desire the beauty of exterior wood siding and the advantages of vinyl siding. Distribution is through various retailers. Prices vary by location and current economic conditions affecting the housing industry.

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Log vinyl siding: main features

Unlike real wood, log vinyl siding is maintenance free, less expensive (than wood shingle or log siding), impact resistant, nonfading and impervious to insects that bore. The consistent beauty and tough construction of Timbermill vinyl siding save the homeowner money with respect to initial installation and long-term replacement costs. Expert engineering and manufacturing processes have made Timbermill an industry leader.

RMC's woodgrain-simulated cedar siding is available in these three styles and both natural-appearing American Cedar and Forest Brown colors:

  1. Bevel Profile: 4-inch and 7-inch exposed face boards
  2. Log Cabin Profile: 12-foot-1-inch-long boards
  3. Vertical Siding: 12-foot sections

The profiled log vinyl siding sheets have an insulated molded foam backing and are curved to simulate the look of actual wooden logs. The overall log cabin appearance gives a facelift to existing homes and businesses, and offers attractive new construction.

RMC also sells a wide range of Timbermill vinyl siding accessories, including matching J channel, trim, and inside and outside corner pieces.

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