Ideal vinyl siding styles for Maryland homes

Encompassing 12,407 square miles, Maryland rises from sea level at Eastern Shore to 3,360 feet at Hoye-Crest. It has a full range of micro-climates across the Atlantic Plain, Piedmont, Blue Ridge Region, Appalachian Ridge and Valley, and the Appalachian Plain. In shopping for vinyl siding in Maryland, you should consider your local climate as well as products that complement the architectural style of your home.

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Maryland's Eastern Shore is dotted with stately Colonials, while Baltimore and Annapolis streets are lined with Victorian town homes, and rustic retreats can be spotted in the hills around Cumberland. The state also is host to Cape Cod, American Four-Square, Rambler or Ranch, split-level, split-foyer, and bungalow-styled houses. One of the most economical methods for upgrading the appearance of these classics is by installing new vinyl siding, and you may find a type that flatters your style and preserves your home's heritage.

For example, you can use vinyl siding to great effect in conventional styles including:

  1. Victorian: These homes often look attractive with smaller vinyl profiles such as double 4-inch or 5-inch clapboards. You may want to use vinyl scalloped shingles as gable accents.
  2. Colonial: The beauty of a larger old home can often be complemented by larger profiles such as an 8-inch clapboard or a 6-inch beaded vinyl siding.
  3. American Four-Square: Create interesting shadow lines on this American original with Dutch lap vinyl siding.
  4. Cabin: A rustic retreat can take many forms, but vinyl log siding or a weathered rustic cedar may look right at home on most of them.

Maryland siding contractors can help you pinpoint the exact siding color and profile for your community.

Maryland weather and vinyl siding

Contractors can also help you find the right product for the climate. Manufacturer James Hardie has divided the nation into two major siding zones, placing Maryland in Zone 5 where residents should choose products that handle extreme seasonal variations in temperature. You'll experience heat and humidity, as well as bouts of snow, ice and freezing conditions. Temperatures in Baltimore, for example, range from 33 degrees in January to 77 degrees and muggy in July. The western uplands are not protected by maritime conditions and can experience below-freezing temperatures.

Finding Maryland siding contractors

Maryland retailers and installers offer vinyl siding products from manufacturers such as James Hardie, CertainTeed, Georgia-Pacific, Owens Corning, Crane and Wolverine. Be sure to ask for a siding product that handles Zone 5 and is durable enough to withstand expansion and contraction in dramatically varying temperatures.

To research contractors' track records, visit the Maryland Better Business Bureau or the State of Maryland Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing. You can check for complaints and see whether your prospective installer has a current license.

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