Choosing Vinyl Siding for Windy or Cold Climates

If you live in a cold climate, you might be leery of choosing vinyl siding for your home. Vinyl siding can expand and contract quite a bit with temperature extremes and may turn brittle and crack from cold weather. If you're planning a DIY siding project, Mastic siding may give you reason to reconsider vinyl siding as one of your siding options.

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Structure: An Award Winning Option from Mastic Siding

Everyone knows vinyl siding is an excellent choice to protect your home's exterior. It's durable, resistant to moisture and insect damage, and requires very little maintenance. But, can you use it on your cold climate home? You can, if you choose Structure vinyl siding from Mastic siding. Structure siding is a thick, .046 inch vinyl that's 300 percent more resistant to impact and 200 percent more rigid than most standard vinyl sidings. This is due to Structure's heavy gauge vinyl and more than an inch of Energy Star qualifying insulation behind the siding.

Structure from Mastic siding may also be perfect for your DIY siding project if you live in an area prone to high winds. When properly installed, the siding can withstand winds up to 190 mph and is approved for use in areas with some of the toughest building codes in the country, such as Metro-Dade County in Florida. Structure is available in four styles:

  • Double four inch
  • Double four-and-a-half inch Dutchlap
  • Single seven inch
  • Double six inch

Some of Structure's styles offer up to 21 color choices for your DIY siding project. Mastic siding has been involved with vinyl siding products since 1959, and Structure siding is another reason the company continues to be an industry leader. Structure siding may be the perfect choice for your cold climate DIY siding project.


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