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Straight Edge Shingle Vinyl Siding

Straight edge shingle vinyl siding is much the same as staggered vinyl, only it is installed with the tiles aligned. The style features a rugged texture in a wide variety of colors. It has the same welcoming, authentic look as real wood cedar shingles, without the high cost and it doesn't rot, crack or split. It is impervious to termites as with other wood boring insects and it is virtually maintenance free. With regular preventative inspections and a bi annual cleaning this product will not lose its shine for years to come. Its application is both beautiful as a complete structural covering as well as an accent to other styles of siding. It comes in a selection of widths for an authentic handcrafted wood look such as texture and grain; it is highly durable and is manufactured to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions when properly installed.

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Typically molded from real wood shingles and available in a variety of decorative edges, the color, when produced by quality manufacturers, is baked into the vinyl enabling a long lasting finish that does not show scratches. Straight edge shingle vinyl siding is the ultimate in contemporary beauty and long lasting performance while portraying a decidedly down to earth design that is favored among many in both new construction as well as in renovation projects of older homes and structures.

Straight edged shingle vinyl siding captures the authentic look of real wood and it is a style that celebrates the beauty of rugged wood textures. Whether installed on a cottage situated within rolling meadows of the countryside, an oceanfront property or even a downtown main street apartment, this traditional style suits them all and offers a time honored, outstanding performance that will provide the look and feel that is unique to your taste alone.

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