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Straight Edge Shake Vinyl Siding

Straight edge shake has been popular for years, now you can have the classic look of authentic wood shake siding without the high costs of real wood. It is durable, low maintenance and installation is relatively easily for experienced renovators with the proper tools to create a clean, natural appearance.

Straight edge shake vinyl siding beautifully portrays the rustic charm of days gone by with its variably detailed grained surface and uneven bottom edge which creates a remarkable shadowed line that will lend a sense of comfort and appeal to any home or structure. The rough saw look combines contemporary elegance with beautiful, natural wood and is a very popular choice today when building or renovating any home or structure. Its uniform surface and straight bottom edge creates a subtle shadowed line in perfect replication of natural wood appeal.

Straight edged shake is not only beautiful to behold; it is a natural choice for beauty and convenience. Its thick construction and ribs give it a distinctive look and superior strength, rigidity and quality that will last for years. Some of the most unique looks come from creative thinking, mixing and matching color schemes, patterns and even various siding products so whether your interested is in a complete structural covering or to use it as an accent, straight edge shake vinyl siding is the perfect choice that will result in a look that beautifully expresses your unique personal tastes and vision.

Although virtually maintenance free, it is a good idea to do regular inspections to avoid any possibility of unknown progressive damage that otherwise may go unnoticed. Additionally, cleaning should be done twice a year and is relatively simple. It is best done with soap, water and elbow grease, starting at the top and working down.

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