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Staggered Shingle Vinyl Siding

For a bold and textured look, staggered shingle vinyl siding offers a rough look that will give any home rustic quality that’s hard to beat. The staggered butt ends boast varied widths and provide a rich character with profiles available in popular sizes such as 7 inch and 10 inch. The enhancement is both dramatic and attractive, with long vertical grain shanks and random keyways.

Weathered staggered shingle vinyl siding captures time, giving any home or structure the appearance of authentic, beautifully weathered cedar that has, over the years, gained a distinguished appearance. Available in many colors, whether you’re seeking to cover your entire home or structure, or use as an accent, it lends the finishing touch to a gable or dormer that displays a high quality finish similar to authentic cedar graining.

Unlike authentic cedar surfaces, staggered shingle vinyl siding won't rot or fade. With today’s technology, advanced products provide a rich texture with deep shadowed lines and a natural design effect, combining beauty with the low maintenance of solid vinyl. With superior weather resistant properties and baked in color, scratches are virtually nonexistent. Color strong retention also means that it will maintain its natural appearance for years to come. Staggered vinyl siding resembles the cedar shingles found on homes in the early 1800's and replicates natural hand split cedar with rough edges, authentic cedar grain detail and the natural uneven pattern known to real wood. It’s a popular choice of many when building or refurbishing homes or structures with a traditional look of ruggedness that you will love.

Homeowners and builders who want the rustic look but not the hefty price of real wood can accommodate their needs with staggered vinyl siding. It’s durable, low maintenance and installation is relatively easily for experienced renovators with the proper tools.

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