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Staggered Shake Vinyl Siding

Staggered Shake vinyl siding brings a rustic look to your home that is both pleasing to the eye and comfortable on your pocket; this is one of the most rustic styles available. If your home or business is looking dull, worn and tired this may be the perfect choice for you. The uneven pattern and the rough look of the edges make them appear as authentic as wood itself.

Available in hand carved cedar imitation vinyl it is manufactured using high grade vinyl and typically manufacturers formulate special UV inhibitors to add to the process among other materials, to give it superior resistance to the elements. When properly manufactured and installed, staggered shake vinyl siding can withstand high winds, rain, sleet and more, it is virtually maintenance free however regular preventive maintenance is always a good idea to avoid the possibility of the unknown damages that can occur which could eventually progress to unnecessary costly repairs.

Staggered shake vinyl siding can add a unique, warm look to your home or business. You can use it as an accent to other materials such as stone or brick to create a look that is yours alone. It is available in many colors with matching corners creating an authentic look typically patterned from real cedar shakes. Many unique molds are generally available with realistic wood grain detailing and if installed with attention, the final finish will be without visible repetitive patterning on the surface.

Colors are often designed to match other manufacturers siding products for perfect combinations, even with existing siding and are available in many new and traditional colors. A quality manufacturer of vinyl siding products will bake the color into the shake making the final product scratch resistant and with long lasting color character so it is a good idea to check and compare the quality before purchasing.

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