Soffit, Fascia, and Trim Finish a Vinyl Siding Installation

When installing vinyl siding, there are some finishing options to consider. To truly protect your home from the elements and present a tidy, quality appearance, install vinyl soffit, fascia, and trim. The soffit is the underside of the roof overhang and the fascia is the edges of the overhang. Vinyl trim pieces, often of a contrasting color, dress up wall openings such as windows and doors. Trim consists of items such as:

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  • Door surrounds - These hide framing and often add distinctive moldings, particularly at the front entry.
  • Window surrounds - These include window headers, corner blocks, or lineals.
  • Keyed corners - Decorative elements of wood, stone, brick protect the ends of siding.
  • Vent surrounds - Add an attractive finish to vent openings.

If a contractor is doing your vinyl siding installation, discuss the cost of soffit, fascia, and trim options and have him include them in the quote. If you are doing your own installation, discuss techniques with an expert from your local home improvement store or from the vinyl siding manufacturer. There are tricks to installing soffit and fascia, such as adding extra wood braces for nailing if the soffit extends more than 12 inches.

When choosing a contractor for your vinyl siding installation, get recommendations from friends, neighbors, and coworkers who have had vinyl siding installed. Get references from the contractor, and go to the job sites to inspect the quality of the job and talk to the customer about their satisfaction level. Make sure your contractor is licensed and insured, and check him or her out with your local Better Business Bureau. Before you sign a contract, have your attorney review it.



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