The Straight Story on Shingle Siding

Determining the right siding to beautify your home and protect it from the elements can be a tough process. Do you choose durability over style? Affordability over ease of installation? One aesthetic option to consider is shingle siding, which gives the exterior of your home a unique, rustic look.

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Shingle Siding Materials

Shingle siding is available in several types of materials. Wood is probably the material that has been used the most, since it has been the traditional material used to make siding. These days, shingle siding can be made from wood, more durable vinyl, or extra-durable cement fiber.

Wood shingles require an external finish such as paint or stain to keep them safe from weathering. Vinyl shingles come in many colors and are a low-maintenance option. Cement fiber shingle siding is not the cheapest type of siding out there, but it is the most durable, the most customizable, and the most similar to the authentic look of wood shingles.

Installation and Styling of Shingle Siding

Installation is a slightly more involved process with shingle siding than it is with strip or panel siding, mostly because each individual shingle must be fixed to the house wall. Additionally, extra care must be taken when installing shingle siding near corners, or you may run the risk of water infiltration.

In most cases, shingle siding is made to be installed in a staggered fashion, adding some jazz to the straight lines and sharp exterior angles of a home. The uneven bottom edges of siding shingles add an element of handmade charm that can scarcely be achieved with modern strip or panel siding.

Make sure not to overlook shingle siding in your quest to enhance the appearance of your home and defend against the ravages of weather. Their stylized look may be just what you want.

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