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Vinyl Siding Shingles

Cedar shingle siding, also known as "seaside" style, was developed in Boston during the 1880's. Exterior cedar shingles first became popular during this time throughout the New England coast. Its popularity spread to other parts of America becoming increasingly sought after as a remodeling option. Shingle style homes are still in demand and vinyl siding that emulates the original shingle style is an excellent choice for this look.

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Vinyl siding is so versatile that at least 7 different types of wood shingle styles have been emulated. The difference is vinyl siding outlasts wood siding. It outlasts the seasons and years of climate changes with relatively little maintenance. You can find round shingles, half cove, octagon, hexagon, square, mitered corner, fish scale and other shingle styles all created with vinyl.

You can find house siding in shingles of many shapes and sizes:

  • Arrow styled shingles
  • Diamond shingles
  • Fish-scale shingles
  • Half-cove shingles
  • Hexagon shingles
  • Round shingles
  • Square shingles

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