Mastic Siding: An Industry Leader for Vinyl Shingle Siding

Few building material companies know siding the way Mastic Siding does; they have specialized in siding and siding products since 1932. A good company was made even better when they joined forces with Alcoa Siding in 1989, and together they have led the way in numerous vinyl siding advancements. Mastic Siding's Cedar Discovery series of vinyl shingle siding is one of the best in the industry.

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Mastic Siding Offers the Cedar Shake Look Without the Maintenance

Cedar shake siding has a warm, rustic look, but that look comes with the price of expensive annual maintenance. Mastic's Cedar Discovery vinyl shingle siding offers the same cozy appearance without the maintenance--you can simply wash it off with a hose once in awhile.

Cedar Discovery is a heavy-duty vinyl siding that can withstand cold climates. Some styles have thicknesses of .080- and .090-inch, which is almost twice as thick as most vinyl sidings, and can withstand wind gusts up to 210 mph.

Mastic Siding offers four styles of Cedar Discovery vinyl shingle siding, each with the deep grain of natural cedar and trademark shadow lines of real shake siding:

  • Cedar Discovery Hand Split
  • Cedar Discovery Perfection Double 7-inch
  • Cedar Discover Perfection Triple 5-inch
  • Cedar Discovery Half Rounds

Just because most cedar shake siding is stained in a natural wood finish doesn't mean your Mastic vinyl shingles must have the same look. Cedar Discovery styles are available in up to 31 colors; however, if you're set on a stained wood appearance, they offer that, too.

Give your home the warm appearance of cedar shake siding without the weekends of maintenance headaches--consider Mastic Siding's Cedar Discovery vinyl shingle siding.

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