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Vinyl Shake Siding

Vinyl shake siding can add a welcome and unique look to your home, outbuilding or even business. You can use it as an accent in conjunction with other siding materials or use other siding materials to accent the vinyl shake to create a rustic look. Vinyl shake simulates the natural beauty of real wood and blends well with many contemporary styles currently on the market today. It’s much lower maintenance than real wood, with lower costs, and is relatively easy to install. It is designed with durability in mind, while enhancing the exterior look of any structure.

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Whether used as an accent on gables or on dormers, it adds an element of ruggedness to your home or business. The well designed uneven pattern and rough look of vinyl shake siding portrays a handcrafted look and will give any structure the rustic charm you've been looking for without the high cost and maintenance of real wood. It is typically selected instead of real wood due to lower maintenance and its greater durability. In the past, real wood shake was nailed to the structure and then coated with oil stain for preservation. It was necessary to then reapply that coating of oil on a regular basis, something you won't have to worry about with vinyl shake siding.

Vinyl shake siding is very popular as it has that old fashioned style that is very versatile. With its authentic seamless look, no need for painting and low maintenance it allows you the freedom to avoid the hassles normally associated with real wood. The finished result is warm and welcoming, providing a pleasant relaxed appearance.

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