Review of vinyl log siding by KP Building

The Vinyl Siding Institute has certified around 1,400 products related to vinyl siding. The program puts items through rigorous testing and twice a year performs unannounced inspections of manufacturing plants. KP Building has almost a hundred vinyl products and numerous colors certified by the Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI). The high number of certified KP Building products stands as evidence of the manufacturer's reliability.

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KP Building's vinyl log siding

You cannot get a vinyl log siding certified by VSI, so you'll have to perform your own research to locate a superior product. You might begin by considering a manufacturer that has other certified products. KP Building has many certified products and constructs vinyl log siding using several proprietary technologies:

  1. Ultra-Vinyl UV™ technology for weatherability and color retention
  2. Perform-Guard™ to repel insects from foam. The product is non-toxic and contains no chemicals related to ozone depletion
  3. LineLock™ panel locking system for greater wall stability

Vinyl log siding from KP Building has several other compelling features:

  1. Color-coordinated J channels, outside corner posts and undersill trims are available
  2. Panels are .046" thick, 10 percent thicker than regular vinyl siding and will not dent, crack, or split
  3. Limited lifetime-guaranteed panel

Recommended Improvements

The KP Building website does include a page on sustainability, but the site relates only the facts about vinyl as a product and does not point to any initiatives, rankings, or recognitions specific to KP Building. Some companies make a point to recycle all of their scrap produced in the manufacturing process so that they contribute virtually nothing to the landfill.

However, the solid construction and longevity of a KP Building product means that their vinyl products can help you save on energy costs and last for generations.


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