Popular styles of vertical vinyl siding

If you are looking for a style of siding that stands apart from the commonly used horizontal lap siding, you may want to consider vertical vinyl siding.

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Vertical styles of vinyl siding include board-and-batten panels, as well as wainscoting, which replicates the appearance of narrow wood boards. Vertical siding is most often used as an accent to other siding styles, but it can also be used to side your entire house.

Popular options for vertical vinyl siding

Here are some styles of vertical siding from CertainTeed, a popular vinyl-siding manufacturer.

  1. CedarBoards Insulated Board and Batten siding replicates the appearance of real wood board and batten. The siding panels have a rough texture and are available in 12 colors, including darker tones of Granite Gray and Cypress Green, as well as some lighter options, such as Colonial White and Sandstone Beige. The panels are insulated with rigid foam, which gives this style of siding greater impact resistance, improved sound absorption, and better energy efficiency that non-insulated vinyl siding.
  2. Beaded Triple 2" siding panels are available in 8 low-gloss colors and have a smooth surface, which replicates the appearance of freshly painted wood wainscoting. CertainTeed also makes this siding panel with inconspicuous vent holes, which allow it to be used for soffits.
  3. Ironmax Double 5" siding panels have a wood-grain finish, which is available in 30 colors, including a vibrant barn red. The Ironmax panels are thicker than standard vertical panels, which helps the durable siding resist denting and damage. Each panel replicates the appearance of two 5 inch wide boards, which creates a visually appealing pattern on large surfaces and tall walls.

When you are selecting a style of vertical siding, you should request siding samples from the manufacturer so that you can chose the siding texture and color that best suits your home's aesthetic and your personal taste.

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