Plank vs. vinyl log siding: which one's for you?

What is the look you're going for? That's the first question you should ask when choosing between siding styles. Functionally, there are few differences between vinyl plank or vinyl log siding. That said, there are some minor ones to keep in mind when considering the two.

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Vinyl plank vs. vinyl log siding

  • Vinyl Log Siding is made to simulate the rustic look of a log cabin, therefore it is thicker and stronger than standard vinyl siding. And because it is thicker, it is a little more energy efficient than plank, though within each style there is a wide range of quality. Also, keep in mind that some manufacturer's may be creating a higher-end product than others. Also, log vinyl is harder to find than plank.
  • Vinyl Plank Siding is made to look like planks of wood, known traditionally as the "clapboard" look. One plus about going with plank siding is the variety: Where vinyl log siding is pretty much pigeon-holed into that log cabin look of yesteryear, the plank style offers more versatility.

So, are you hoping for that old-fashioned, rustic look reminiscent of days past where men hunted for dinner and women quilted by a roaring fire? Or are you looking for the more modern version, where a television wouldn't stick out like an anachronistic thumb? The style of the vinyl siding you choose depends on the look that you want for your home.


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