Options for log cabin vinyl siding products

Log cabin vinyl siding is a beautiful way to imitate the look of a real log cabin without the confines and maintenance of real logs. The manufacturers of the siding provide options for any homeowner.

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Log cabin siding offers different styles, colors, and warranties. When shopping, ask your contractor or manufacturer about four important points.

Comparing log cabin vinyl siding

  • Weathering Performance: How well does the product resist fading.
  • Impact Resistance: Is the siding able to withstand blows, say from flying baseballs or horseshoes?
  • Surface Distortion: Is it going to remain true to shape and not sag or warp.
  • Temperature Shrinkage/expansion: How much will the siding expand or contract with heat fluctuation?

Log cabin siding offers a textured wood-grain appearance of hand-stained logs. Each manufacturer offers various colors, mostly mimicing basic woods such as cedar, redwood or cypress. Make sure your color-coordinated vinyl accessories, such as J-channels, outside corner posts and trims, are available.

The styles vary from half-log profile to vertical planks. Some manufacturers produce panels of three logs while others construct a single log-cabin plank. Several companies style the ends, as if rough cut by a saw.

Log cabin vinyl siding is easier on your wallet, averaging around eight dollars per square foot, which is comparable to higher-end vinyl clapboard siding. It also is considerably cheaper than natural log siding, and if you take into consideration supplemental costs of real wood, such as stain, pesticides and labor, the savings are enormous.

Also, all types of vinyl siding are light and easy to install, therefore cutting down on construction costs.

You also may save on energy bills. Some log cabin siding is backed with polystyrene foam, strengthening the siding and giving it some of the insulation value of real logs.

Turn your current home into the log cabin you've always wanted. Enjoy stress-free cabin living without the maintenance.

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