Log vinyl siding advancements yield surprising conveniences

Even though they look rustic, homes covered with log vinyl siding are actually quite advanced. Recent developments in the production and installation this type of siding has made it a great option for someone seeking to replicate the country charm of a log home while maintaining modern conveniences.

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3 log vinyl siding advancements

Here are just a few of the recent advancements in log vinyl siding:

  1. Great insulation performance. Science shows that the high-tech PVC materials used to make vinyl siding are good insulators. The siding is composed of layer after layer of compressed and rolled polystyrene panels that help keep warm air inside the house in colder months and cool air inside the house in warmer months. House wrap or insulating panels can also be applied, and cellulose, fiberglass, or foam insulation can be used to fill in any hollow spaces or fissures in the wall.
  2. Natural-looking patterns and minimal maintenance. Advancements in manufacturing now allow siding producers to create vinyl siding with the organic-looking grains and swirls just of natural wood. Vinyl log siding doesn't require any of the exterior maintenance of traditional wood homes; time spent fighting termites, sealing logs, patching holes, and replacing rotten wood won't be necessary. The only typical maintenance required of vinyl siding is an occasional wash from the garden hose or a pressure washer.
  3. Affordable options. Vinyl siding is traditionally much less expensive to install and maintain than log or wooden siding. Though prices can vary by dealer, region, season, and on other factors, a rough ballpark estimate from Timbermill, a company that specializes in cedar-look vinyl siding, showed that homeowners might spend anywhere from $3 to $7 per square foot for their product.

With these important advancements, log vinyl siding could be a great option for a homeowner seeking rustic charm and modern convenience.

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