Log cabin vinyl siding: save a tree

Log cabin vinyl siding, also called vinyl log siding, could turn that "quaint" family cabin into a stylish asset or give your mountain home the woodsy look you've always admired. You no longer have to pay the price for wooden logs when you can have the same look for less with vinyl siding. Best of all, you no longer have to be a slave to the ongoing maintenance that wood requires--just get out your garden hose once a year,

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Log cagin vinyl siding: Options and color

Vinyl log siding options include:

  • Appearance. Siding comes with low gloss natural wood grain that looks like a variety of wood including cedar, pine, redwood and cypress. Damaged pieces can also be replaced with relative ease.
  • Expense. Not only is log cabin vinyl siding cheaper to buy than other siding options, it is also less expensive to install.
  • Fire. With a Class A fire rating, siding is indicated as being self-extinguishing and heat resistant up to 160 degrees.
  • Wind. Properly installed, siding is rated to resist winds over 160 mph,
  • Impact. With a thickness from .044 to 0.46, siding has greater impact resistance.
  • Elements. Many companies have a siding underlayer that resists rot and fungi and is not susceptible to termites. It also holds up to storms better than some other siding.
  • Eco-friendly. Vinyl siding can not only increase your home's energy efficiency but it uses less energy to produce than wood or aluminum, and doesn't use energy or resources for maintenance. Scraps can be reused to make more vinyl siding. Any vinyl siding that does end up in a landfill is chemically stable.

One of the best vinyl log siding options is color. With color choices like Vermont maple, river rock, cypress, spice, warm cedar, timber wolf and harvest brown, you can choose one that fits your home. Because the color is blended in during manufacturing, it's resistant to fading and scratches.

With all of these options and color choices, now may be the time to consider log cabin vinyl siding for your home or cabin.

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