Log cabin vinyl siding: rustic appearance, modern convenience

Log cabin vinyl siding costs less than wood and can provide a similar look while reducing maintenance and increasing energy efficiency. Some benefits of vinyl as compared to wood siding include:

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  1. Less cost: Vinyl siding costs significantly less than wood siding; you can find vinyl siding for $1 per square foot and up, while wood siding starts at about $3 per square foot.
  2. Less maintenance: Wood log cabin siding has to be finished before installation and requires annual maintenance to maintain its appearance and structural integrity. Vinyl log cabin siding doesn't need finishing and requires little more than an occasional wash. The siding is available in a variety of colors and textures resembling wood grain and features such as knots.
  3. No pests: Vinyl siding doesn't attract termites and other insects, and it resists mildew and mold.
  4. Dent resistant: Hail can damage steel and aluminum siding, but vinyl siding is designed to flex with pressure.
  5. Increased energy efficiency: When installed properly, vinyl siding can insulate your home from drafts and prevent heat from escaping as it could with traditional logs and "chinking." Check with local utility companies for rebates and energy conservation incentives.

Log cabin vinyl siding costs

How much you'll pay for log cabin vinyl siding depends on the size of your home, cost of all materials, and the amount of preparation and cleanup required before and after the project is completed. Although do-it-yourself installation can theoretically save money, making mistakes can be costly. Estimates for a 2,200-square-foot home start at about $6,000 for do-it-yourself installation and increase for complete installation, materials and extras. Check with local contractors for personalized estimates.

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