Keep it classic with dutch lap siding and beaded soffit

Beaded soffit adds the final details to your siding renovation and gives your home a traditional appearance. A timeless classic vinyl siding like dutch lap works well with the beaded seam of a beaded soffit. The two products form neat, straight lines for a crisp look. Most manufacturers offer a beaded soffit, but each product will have its own features.

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Beaded Vinyl Siding Soffits

The following comparison reveals that the two biggest variations between manufacturers are color choice and Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) certification.






VSI Certified



Triple 2"

Solid or invisible


8 low-gloss neutrals

Yes, product and colors





Triple 2"

Solid or invisible


1 white


Alside Greenbriar® Vintage Premium Vinyl Soffit

Triple 2.5"

Solid or invisible


5 low-gloss neutrals and pastels, including a light blue and light pink

Yes, colors only

When pricing out your soffit locally, you may feel flexible about color for your vinyl siding soffit and happy enough with few options. But pay attention to certification: Certification determines the longevity of your soffits. A certified color will remain fresh and won't yellow over time, and a certified vinyl product will not bubble or crack. With certification you can be assured that you keep the 'class' in your classic look.

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