How to get your vinyl siding contractor siding with the neighbors

Not so long ago, the choice of vinyl siding was limited to a white, cream or tan color. The ability to blend in effectively with a variety of neighborhood styles, geographical regions, and historical eras simply did not exist. Times have changed; today, more than 900 siding products and 300 colors have been certified by the Vinyl Siding Institute. These certified options add creative possibilities to vinyl's appeal.But before you add Victorian lattice to your ranch-style home, have a good walk around with your vinyl siding contractor.

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What's your architectural style?

Take the time to look closely at your neighborhood. Ask your vinyl siding contractor to help you identify regional architectural designs and your home's options within those styles. Some choices will be obvious: a Georgian look calls for clapboard, while a Craftsman style invites deep colors.

But a vinyl siding look is more than nailing up a pile of panels in a particular color. Your contractor can help you notice the variety in a siding job. A Craftsman style home, for example, has the following combination:

  • Profiles: Clapboard often dominant cladding
  • Shapes: Shakes or shingles often dominant cladding
  • Color: Medium to dark color palettes
  • Accent cladding: When using clapboard, gables may have board and batten, shakes or shingles
  • Trim: Heavy eave sockets, beaded soffits, gable vent cover

Keeping your vinyl siding contractor on your side

When you get estimates, ask your contractor how these details are contributing to your costs and how a particular style might impact your final invoice. According to the Vinyl Siding Institute, vinyl offers the least expensive siding option. But the many new exciting and reliable options for detailing your home may warrant careful budget review to include more expensive options.



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